Special 2020

Offer Extended through 2020.

Twenty-twenty is a unique year. If you attended the in-person First Sundays astrology club during 2019, you know that we anticipated 2020 as the bumpiest year of our transformative energetic journey.

What we choose to do, and how we choose to respond to this year will prepare us for years to come. We need to make our unique impression on the chrysalis of this time.

Monarch chrysalis with impression of forming wings. (c) Donna Ellis 2010

The Special
For this special only, you may choose a Zoom conference or a recorded session that you may replay at any time from the cloud.

You will receive pdf of your natal chart. If you do not know how to track transits to your chart, I will show you.
This includes any pertinent full and new moons, eclipses, and planetary transits for the six month period from the date of the recording.

I liken the transit report to energetic traffic and weather for the road that we travel.

To take advantage of the special, pay via the PayPal button below.

An accurate birth time, date and location are required.

For other session options and FAQs, please see my Booking page: https://donnaryallastrology.com/booking/

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