Natal Chart

FOLLOW ALONG with weekly and monthly astrology transits.

Interested in seeing a your natal chart and learning to track the transits? Please use the form below to purchase a pdf of your natal chart.

What you are buying:

A pdf copy of your natal/birth chart.  It shows the planets, points, houses, and their signs and degrees. 

With this, you may learn to follow along with transits, such as those discussed in my videos, and on live Zoom sessions. You may also find transits in an ephemeris, hard copy, or online, and track transits to your chart from those sources. 

I will ask for your name, birth date, birth location and the accurate birth time, including AM or PM.  The accuracy of the chart depends upon the accuracy of the information provided by you.

Please note, this is not an Astrology session. It is a pdf of your chart, for reference.  (I work Tropical and use Koch house system).

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