Pisces, Aries, Taurus: Important Moons of Spring

The Sun entered Aries on March 19th. That marks the first day of Spring. It is the beginning of a new growth cycle in the natural world, and it is the astrological new year.

Tomorrow we have the first new moon of this new cycle. The New Moon at 04Aries.

In the hours preceding that first new moon of the new astrological year, the waning moon is in Pisces. This is a remarkable energetic time, and you have all day and this evening to use it.

This phase through Pisces is literally the last days of the moon’s energetic interaction with the Sun as the Sun renews its annual trip around the zodiac. The spiritual nature of Pisces, and the drifting, fading moments when sleep leads to new life. Spring is stirring, but this is a final feeling of rest. Are you having trouble waking up this morning?

It is common to feel sort of world weary, ready for spring that does not seem to have caught the spirit of the season. Let that be. Use this time to turn in with one final reflection on the winter and dark of the year.

As the light of this moon slowly dims today, it also is natural to feel the subtle pull of all false starts that were enthusiastically initiated on January 1. Feel Pisces compassion for yourself and those poorly timed, out of synch efforts.

With tomorrow’s new moon, and especially on Wednesday, when the moon grows in visible light, see if that energy changes for you. Aries is courage, drive, the will to move forward in leadership, or just for the hell of it. Aries isn’t concerned with thinking it over. Its Mars ruler just wants what’s next.

Use that Aries energy to leave behind what has not worked, and to be or find the leadership that moves things onward.

light of the moon visibly let the fire of Aries energy show you new things that hold real possibility of dashing forward.

By late Thursday and through Friday, the Taurus Moon wants us to set the most artful, and pleasurable course possible on Earth in that moment. Do your best to experience it, and to honor it. We live in a time of challenge, when we are made to assess what we find valuable.

Appreciation of the Earth, and our natural heritage with her are material things of Venus (Taurus ruler) value. The Earth and life are the natural and true ‘material’ things, and the actual materials that, if valued and honored, connect us correctly to each other and to the vast stability our Mother and Earth home have to offer.

Our times are asking us what we hold dear, and which values we will claim.

Let that be your guide, with compassion through today’s big, nearly chemical Pisces fog, into the heat and light of mid-week, and the embodied kinship of our real Earthly heritage.

(c) Donna Ellis 2020
A version of this appeared on Planetary Astrology. Parts of this post are from my book, Applied Astrology of the Moon: The Rhythm of Life in 13 Energetic Lunar Cycles

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