Full Moon in Cancer + Capricorn Conjunctions

If Capricorn (stable, useful, slowly built boundaries) is capable of influencing a rager, this year is it.  

This week really puts the major players of the Capricorn cause in close order drill.  Other Cap combinations and aspects are yet to come this year, but we are at a pressure filled, fully-lit turning point.

Other combinations on the Capricorn theme are coming this year.  But in recent months, the Saturn/Pluto presence there may have felt as though The Hulk, and a very dour version of Marie Kondo were each working in the smallest room of your home.

[Even if your chart does not have planets or points in Capricorn, each chart has a place for that sign. The build up to this week has been felt for a year.  To see where this week’s action takes place, look for the house that holds 20 Cancer, and the part of your chart with the range from 08 to 22 Capricorn.  Wherever Capricorn is in your chart, that area has been feeling this transformation since about 2008 when Pluto hit 00Cap.]

First up, January 10th, 1:22 pm CST, the first full moon of the year.  The Sun will fully illuminate the entire visible surface of the Moon, much like someone standing across the room from a floodlight.  For this Full Moon, in astrological terms, the floodlight operator has three friends with him (Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury), with two more close by (Jupiter and South Node). They’re all supporting the Capricorn cause.  

The Moon is reflection, the feminine principal, moods, emotions, what we need in our immediate surroundings, and she is also a public relations agent. The Moon rules Cancer, which has similar qualities.  For the collective on this day, will it feel as though the Moon is willing to play PR agent for the Capricorn crowd? Or is she more like a mirror, with the ability to reflect back so the Capricorn group gets a taste of its own, in a kind of bare-bulb third-degree?

Although Cancer and its Moon ruler are rightly thought to be sensitive, its symbol the crab has a resilient shell. It also has the ability to do a quick side step, or sneak up and pinch.  In terms of 2020 energy, the Moon has the chance to fully rest at home in Cancer, twice.  Capricorn does not have a New Moon in 2020. For some Cap structures, there could be a feeling of burn out. Some Cap things are not up for renewal until January 2021. Pluto will be the last of this month’s players to leave the sign. Whatever is left of collective Capricorn structures and boundaries, they will be very different than they were when Pluto began his work there in 2008. We see much of that around us. You likely know exactly where this has played out in your own life.

The big combination this week is Pluto with Saturn (Hulk/Marie Kondo), with fast moving Mercury giving voice to all this, and maybe a dose of process to drive the message through. Let us not forget that the Sun blazing mercilessly on Pluto’s 12th year of plumbing and composting. In fact, with the Sun so close to this pile-up, it may take days before we can get a direct look at we may not directly see all of what happens this week. Especially with a facilitating, almost boozy fog from Neptune in Pisces, sextile the Mercury/Sun.

What does it mean?  We all want to know.  Much of it is shaped by us as individuals. Wherever you are doing really hard work. Wherever you deeply, all-consumingly want a new form.  It just won’t be the same form you may have expected in 2008. At least we all are getting an idea of what is possible.  Pluto himself will basically rage on alone in Capricorn. Eventually, he’ll break the chrysalis-cauldron of what’s been cooking, and emerge, as we all will, on some kind of wings, into Aquarius. 

Remember that the duality of Capricorn is that it is a feminine sign.  It is cold and dry.  Will the Cancer Sun give Capricorn the illumination and warmth it needs this year to remember its feminine foundation?  Let’s see how things feel late at night on July 4th (just after midnight ET).

There is a collective feeling of burnout with regard to old structures.  That is evident everywhere.   Not to gossip, but you have heard about Harry and Meghan.

ASTRO BITS for those following the language.  Using my astrology software, I looked for another astro pile-up in Capricorn.  December 20, 1284, had Saturn, Pluto and Mercury conjunct, with Venus Rx, Mars, Jupiter Sun and North Node also in the sign.

The details for January 10-12:  Moon 20 Cancer, exact 1:22pm CST on January 10th, opposite conjunction of Pluto 22Cap, Saturn 22Cap, Mercury 20Cap, Sun 20Cap.  Jupiter is conjunct South Node Rx at 08Cap.  On Sunday, the Pluto/Saturn conjunction is exact. Also, Uranus is at 02Taurus Rx, a bit of earth and heritage disruption and discontent. Pluto/Saturn conjunction exact 22 Capricorn, January 12.

(c) Donna Ellis