Scorpio Moon In the Mood for Degeneration and Rebirth

(c) 2010, 2019 Donna Ellis

[Words and image (c) 2019 Donna Ellis   All rights reserved.]

We are right in the middle of a Scorpio moon. Growing in light and energy, this moon is not in the mood for small talk or petty actions.

You may notice irritation, heated action, transmogrification in your environment, your feelings, and the emotions of those around you.
This is not a good day to attend a martini lunch, or go to happy hour to avoid rush hour traffic. Speaking of rush hour, know that this moon is hours away from changing the mood to jovial, and hold you tongue, temper, and horses. Be the calmest and most unobtrusive one on the road after work, on errands now, picking up the kids, etc.
Working behind the scenes are larger forces, on the job for years to unearth and to destabilize those things no longer worthy of being part of the long term structure. This structure is close to undergoing its final degeneration and rebirth. The new form will be unrecognizable to many of us. It will need a different kind of support from everyone and everything living at this time.
In the meantime, look for things in the world around you, and in your own life, that fits any/all of these descriptions:
A source of shocking or earth-shaking discomfort and disruption meeting a reflection of itself in its fierce opposition
Something must be transformed but you have not done any homework to make it so, or even go along with possibility. (Get that homework done, or the thing will become institutionalized, or transmogrify into an animal you did not want/expect.)
If you have done your Absolem/butterfly/transformer homework (or not), in 2020, it will be treated to benefits (did the work), or just get bigger (ignored warnings). There is a sense of justice or ‘higher education’, even a spiritual feel or cultural shift to what comes next. If you needed a further personal clue to what’s been melting down around you, maybe that rings a bell.
A struggle between potential happiness and a veil of sorrow; justice, culture, or higher education being misused; on the other hand you may occasionally see justice blowing away a fog; or a profound higher spirituality showing you the potential of becoming the adept at inspiration, dreams, and intuition.
We are re-entering a time when values and beauty are moving from harmony for the sake of keeping the peace, to a display of deeper values. “Don’t eat the pomegranate seeds, Persephone.”
This is a brief look at the threshold of energies we will experience this calendar month. (For those who recall that in January I mentioned Pluto at 20 Capricorn, here we go with Mr Toad’s wildly transformative ride.)
We are not yet complete, but we can see the wings we will soon use. There is still work to be done. If you’ve not started the work you need to do, get to it, and don’t dawdle.

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